Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Back to school!!!

So ladies and gems haha
School is now back in session. Well for me it has been back in session for a while now.
I'm taking the hardest math class of my life ....adv. alegbra 2 with trig. ouch!!
Haha But i'm trying to stay motivated =[

This post is all about my back to school denim.
What pair of denim I rocked back to school with ? why ? and How much I love them?
To start it ladies I wore back " Torrid straight Denim" back to school. ( You can see it in my august 18th blog )
I love straight leg jeans because they show off your curves and aren't too mom looking or they dont show your crack haha .. just keeping it real.
It can even add that little edge you need to make your style.
=] so ladies go out and buy you some straight leg jeans from torrid.. and I bet you will love them.

peace and happiness

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