Wednesday, November 11, 2009


"I never meant to start a war."

Heeeeyy ,

I'm supper duper sorry that my blog's havent been up-to-date. I've been so busy with school and practice plus I messed up my knee at our homecoming powder puff game.

While anyway I just got home and found a TORRID BOX waiting for me on my bed. YAY!

Guess what was in it??




A note from torrid ( hey becky)

gift card ( shopppping)

autograph poster from Priscilla renea

and an autograph from Jordin Sparks

( I love both of their CD)

Plus I got my Twilight Saga "New Moon" Tickets for the first show with friend Geena. AAHH TEAM EJ (Edward and Jacob)

"I aint a doll! This ain't a Doll house!"

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